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Queue Management and Job Information

Manage scheduler queue; get information about existing jobs and tasks


pause Pause MATLAB job scheduler queue
resume Resume processing queue in MATLAB job scheduler
cancel Cancel job or task
delete Remove job or task object from cluster and memory
promote Promote job in MJS cluster queue
demote Demote job in cluster queue
changePassword Prompt user to change MJS password
logout Log out of MJS cluster
findJob Find job objects stored in cluster
findTask Task objects belonging to job object
getDebugLog Read output messages from job run in CJS cluster
getJobClusterData Get specific user data for job on generic cluster
setJobClusterData Set specific user data for job on generic cluster

Examples and How To

Job Monitor

Manage your jobs using the Job Monitor

Manage Jobs Using the Job Monitor

Using the Job Monitor you can manage the listed jobs for your cluster.

Program Independent Jobs for a Generic Scheduler

Programming an independent job using a generic scheduler interface to distribute the tasks


How Parallel Computing Products Run a Job

Explore the life cycle of a job.

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