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Troubleshooting in Parallel Computing Toolbox

Common solutions for parallel computing problems

Attached Files Size Limitations

The combined size of all attached files for a job is limited to 4 GB.

File Access and Permissions

By default, a worker on a Windows® operating system is installed as a service running as LocalSystem, so it does not have access to mapped network drives.

No Results or Failed Job

If your job returned no results (i.e., fetchOutputs(job) returns an empty cell array), it is probable that the job failed and some of its tasks have their Error properties set.

Connection Problems Between the Client and MJS

For testing connectivity between the client machine and the machines of your compute cluster, you can use Admin Center.

SFTP Error: Received Message Too Long

The example code for generic schedulers with non-shared file systems contacts an sftp server to handle the file transfer to and from the cluster's file system.

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