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C Code Generation

Generate C code from MATLAB® and Simulink®


Understanding C Code Generation

Learn how the Simulink Coder™ product generates C code from your model

Functions and System Objects Supported for C Code Generation

Signal processing functions and System objects that support code generation

ARM Cortex-M and ARM Cortex-A Optimization

The DSP System Toolbox™ supports optimized C code generation for popular algorithms like FIR filtering and FFT on ARM® Cortex®-M and ARM Cortex-A processors.

C Code Generation from MATLAB

Generate a C-MEX function from MATLAB code using the MATLAB Coder product

C Code Generation from Simulink

Generate an executable from your model and view the generated source code

How To Run a Generated Executable Outside MATLAB

Commands to set the system environment for generating executables that require prebuilt dll files.

Use Generated Code to Accelerate an Application Deployed with MATLAB Compiler

Use MATLAB Coder to accelerate an algorithm and MATLAB Compiler™ to deploy the application.

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