DSP System Toolbox

Generating Testbenches for Development of Signal Processing Algorithms

This example shows how to quickly generate DSP Algorithm testbenches to accelerate the development and testing of streaming signal processing algorithms. This example uses the HelperGenDSPTestbenchUI function from which you can choose DSP sources and sinks. A Parameter Tuning UI can also be added to tune the parameters of the custom algorithm.


Most algorithm frameworks in DSP System Toolbox will contain an initialization phase and a streaming phase. For example, if you want to create a testbench for reading an audio signal from a microphone for 30 seconds and viewing its frequency spectrum, you can write something like:

% Initialize
SamplesPerFrame = 1024;
AR = dsp.AudioRecorder('SamplesPerFrame',SamplesPerFrame,...
Fs = AR.SampleRate;
SA =dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer('SampleRate',Fs,'PlotAsTwoSidedSpectrum',false,...

% Stream
while toc < 30 % Stream for 30 seconds
    % Read frame from microphone
    audioIn = step(AR);
    % View audio spectrum

% Terminate

Generating Testbenches Automatically

Use HelperDSPGenTestbenchUI to generate testbenches automatically. You can select the sources and sinks you want to use for the testbench as well as the name of a custom algorithm you want to call to process the streaming signals. Note that when you select more than one source, the signals generated by the sources are added together. Also note that default parameters are generated for all sources and sinks. These parameters should be customized to meet individual needs.