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Filter Analysis

Analyze filters and filter objects


filterDesigner Open Filter Designer app
fvtool Open Filter Visualization Tool
freqrespest Frequency response estimate via filtering
freqrespopts Options for filter frequency response analysis
freqz Frequency response of filter
grpdelay Filter group delay
impz Filter impulse response
impzlength Impulse response length
measure Measure filter magnitude response
noisepsd Power spectral density of filter output due to roundoff noise
noisepsdopts Options for running filter output noise PSD
phasedelay Phase delay of filter
phasez Unwrapped phase response for filter
stepz Step response for filter
zerophase Zero-phase response for filter
zplane Zero-poles plots for filters
coeffs Coefficients for filters
cost Estimate cost of discrete-time or multirate filter
cumsec Vector of SOS filters for cumulative sections
disp Filter properties and values
double Cast fixed-point filter to use double-precision arithmetic
fftcoeffs Frequency-domain coefficients
filtstates.cic Store CIC filter states
norm P-norm of filter
nstates Number of filter states
order Order of fixed-point filter
reset Reset filter properties to initial conditions
firtype Type of linear phase FIR filter
isallpass Determine whether filter is allpass
isfir Determine whether filter is FIR
islinphase Determine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphase Determine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphase Determine whether filter is minimum phase
isreal Determine whether filter uses real coefficients
issos Determine whether filter is SOS form
isstable Determine whether filter is stable
scalecheck Check scaling of SOS filter
block Generate block from a digital filter
realizemdl Simulink subsystem block for filter
allpass2wdf Allpass to Wave Digital Filter coefficient transformation
normalizefreq Switch filter specification between normalized frequency and absolute frequency
wdf2allpass Wave Digital Filter to allpass coefficient transformation
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