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Fixed-Point Data Types

Fixed-point data type specification in MATLAB® and Simulink®.


Fixed-Point Signal Processing

Discusses advantages of fixed-point development in general and of fixed-point support in System Toolbox software in particular, as well as lists common applications of fixed-point signal processing development

Fixed-Point Concepts and Terminology

Defines fixed-point concepts and terminology that are helpful to know as you use DSP System Toolbox™ software

Review of Fixed-Point Numbers

Basics of fixed-point numbers.

Arithmetic Operations

Describes the arithmetic operations used by fixed-point DSP System Toolbox blocks, including operations and casts that might invoke rounding and overflow handling methods

Fixed-Point Support for MATLAB System Objects in DSP System Toolbox

Learn about fixed-point processing with MATLAB System Objects

Fixed-Point Support for Simulink blocks in DSP System Toolbox

This sections lists the simulink blocks in DSP System Toolbox which support fixed-point operations

Specify Fixed-Point Attributes for Blocks

Teaches you how to specify fixed-point attributes and parameters in DSP System Toolbox software on both the block and system levels

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