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DSP System Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
adaptfilt Adaptive filter
adaptfilt.adjlms FIR adaptive filter that uses adjoint LMS algorithm
adaptfilt.ap FIR adaptive filter that uses direct matrix inversion
adaptfilt.apru FIR adaptive filter that uses recursive matrix updating
adaptfilt.bap FIR adaptive filter that uses block affine projection
adaptfilt.blms FIR adaptive filter that uses BLMS
adaptfilt.blmsfft FIR adaptive filter that uses FFT-based BLMS
adaptfilt.dlms FIR adaptive filter that uses delayed LMS
adaptfilt.fdaf FIR adaptive filter that uses frequency-domain with bin step size normalization
adaptfilt.filtxlms FIR adaptive filter that uses filtered-x LMS
adaptfilt.ftf Fast transversal LMS adaptive filter FIR adaptive filter that uses gradient lattice
adaptfilt.hrls FIR adaptive filter that uses householder (RLS)
adaptfilt.hswrls FIR adaptive filter that uses householder sliding window RLS
adaptfilt.lms FIR adaptive filter that uses LMS
adaptfilt.lsl Least squares lattice adaptive filter
adaptfilt.nlms Normalized least mean squares adaptive filter
adaptfilt.pbfdaf Partitioned block frequency-domain FIR adaptive filter
adaptfilt.pbufdaf Partitioned block unconstrained frequency-domain adaptive filter
adaptfilt.qrdlsl QR-decomposition-based least-squares lattice adaptive filter
adaptfilt.qrdrls FIR adaptive filter that uses QR-decomposition-based RLS
adaptfilt.rls Recursive least-squares FIR adaptive filter Sign-data FIR adaptive filter FIR adaptive filter that uses sign-error algorithm FIR adaptive filter that uses sign-sign algorithm
adaptfilt.swftf FIR adaptive filter that uses sliding window fast transversal least squares
adaptfilt.swrls FIR adaptive filter that uses window recursive least squares (RLS)
adaptfilt.tdafdct Adaptive filter that uses discrete cosine transform
adaptfilt.tdafdft Adaptive filter that uses discrete Fourier transform
adaptfilt.ufdaf FIR adaptive filter that uses unconstrained frequency-domain with quantized step size normalization
allpass2wdf Allpass to Wave Digital Filter coefficient transformation
allpassbpc2bpc Allpass filter for complex bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bp Allpass filter for lowpass to bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bpc Allpass filter for lowpass to complex bandpass transformation
allpasslp2bs Allpass filter for lowpass to bandstop transformation
allpasslp2bsc Allpass filter for lowpass to complex bandstop transformation
allpasslp2hp Allpass filter for lowpass to highpass transformation
allpasslp2lp Allpass filter for lowpass to lowpass transformation
allpasslp2mb Allpass filter for lowpass to M-band transformation
allpasslp2mbc Allpass filter for lowpass to complex M-band transformation
allpasslp2xc Allpass filter for lowpass to complex N-point transformation
allpasslp2xn Allpass filter for lowpass to N-point transformation
allpassrateup Allpass filter for integer upsample transformation
allpassshift Allpass filter for real shift transformation
allpassshiftc Allpass filter for complex shift transformation
audioDeviceWriter Play to sound card
autoscale Automatic dynamic range scaling
block Generate block from a digital filter
butter Butterworth IIR filter design using specification object
ca2tf Convert coupled allpass filter to transfer function form
cascade Cascade of filter system objects
cheby1 Chebyshev Type I filter using specification object
cheby2 Chebyshev Type II filter using specification object
cl2tf Convert coupled allpass lattice to transfer function form
codegen Generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code
coeffs Filter coefficients
coeread Read Xilinx COE file
coewrite Write Xilinx COE file
constraincoeffwl Constrain coefficient wordlength
convert Convert filter structure of discrete-time filter
cost Estimate cost for implementing filter System objects
cumsec Cumulative second-order section of BiquadFilter System object
denormalize Undo filter coefficient and gain changes caused by normalize
design Apply design method to filter specification object
designmethods Methods available for designing filter from specification object
designMultirateFIR Multirate FIR filter design
designopts Valid input arguments and values for specification object and method
dfilt Discrete-time filter
dfilt.allpass Allpass filter
dfilt.calattice Coupled-allpass, lattice filter
dfilt.calatticepc Coupled-allpass, power-complementary lattice filter
dfilt.cascade Cascade of discrete-time filters
dfilt.cascadeallpass Cascade of allpass discrete-time filters
dfilt.cascadewdfallpass Cascade allpass WDF filters to construct allpass WDF
dfilt.delay Delay filter
dfilt.df1 Discrete-time, direct-form I filter
dfilt.df1sos Discrete-time, SOS direct-form I filter
dfilt.df1t Discrete-time, direct-form I transposed filter
dfilt.df1tsos Discrete-time, SOS direct-form I transposed filter
dfilt.df2 Discrete-time, direct-form II filter
dfilt.df2sos Discrete-time, SOS, direct-form II filter
dfilt.df2t Discrete-time, direct-form II transposed filter
dfilt.df2tsos Discrete-time, SOS direct-form II transposed filter
dfilt.dfasymfir Discrete-time, direct-form antisymmetric FIR filter
dfilt.dffir Discrete-time, direct-form FIR filter
dfilt.dffirt Discrete-time, direct-form FIR transposed filter
dfilt.dfsymfir Discrete-time, direct-form symmetric FIR filter
dfilt.farrowfd Fractional Delay Farrow filter
dfilt.farrowlinearfd Farrow Linear Fractional Delay filter
dfilt.fftfir Discrete-time, overlap-add, FIR filter
dfilt.latticeallpass Discrete-time, lattice allpass filter
dfilt.latticear Discrete-time, lattice, autoregressive filter
dfilt.latticearma Discrete-time, lattice, autoregressive, moving-average filter
dfilt.latticemamax Discrete-time, lattice, moving-average filter with maximum phase
dfilt.latticemamin Discrete-time, lattice, moving-average filter with minimum phase
dfilt.parallel Discrete-time, parallel structure filter
dfilt.scalar Discrete-time, scalar filter
dfilt.wdfallpass Wave digital allpass filter
disp Filter properties and values
double Cast fixed-point filter to use double-precision arithmetic
dsp.AdaptiveLatticeFilter Adaptive lattice filter
dsp.AffineProjectionFilter Compute output, error and coefficients using Affine Projection (AP) Algorithm
dsp.AllpassFilter Single section or cascaded allpass filter
dsp.AllpoleFilter IIR Filter with no zeros
dsp.AnalyticSignal Analytic signals of discrete-time inputs
dsp.ArrayPlot Display vectors or arrays
dsp.ArrayVectorAdder Add array to vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorDivider Divide array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorMultiplier Multiply array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorSubtractor Subtract vector from array along specified dimension
dsp.AsyncBuffer FIFO buffer
dsp.AudioFileReader Stream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriter Stream to audio file
dsp.AudioPlayer Play audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioRecorder Record audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.Autocorrelator Autocorrelation sequence
dsp.BinaryFileReader Read data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileWriter Write data to binary files
dsp.BiquadFilter IIR filter using biquadratic structures
dsp.BlockLMSFilter Compute output, error, and weights using Block LMS adaptive algorithm
dsp.Buffer Buffer input signal
dsp.BurgAREstimator Estimate of autoregressive (AR) model parameters using Burg method
dsp.BurgSpectrumEstimator Parametric spectral estimate using Burg method
dsp.CepstralToLPC Convert cepstral coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.Channelizer Polyphase FFT analysis filter bank
dsp.ChannelSynthesizer Polyphase FFT synthesis filter bank
dsp.Chirp Generate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.CICCompensationDecimator Compensate for CIC decimation filter using FIR decimator
dsp.CICCompensationInterpolator Compensate for CIC interpolation filter using FIR interpolator
dsp.CICDecimator Decimate input using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.CICInterpolator Interpolate signal using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.ColoredNoise Colored noise generator
dsp.Convolver Convolution of two inputs
dsp.Counter Count up or down through specified range of numbers
dsp.CoupledAllpassFilter Coupled allpass IIR filter
dsp.Crosscorrelator Cross-correlation of two inputs
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator Estimate cross-spectral density
dsp.CumulativeProduct Cumulative product of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.CumulativeSum Cumulative sum of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.DCBlocker Remove DC component
dsp.DCT Discrete cosine transform (DCT)
dsp.Delay Delay input by specified number of samples or frames
dsp.DelayLine Rebuffer sequence of inputs with one-sample shift
dsp.Differentiator Direct form FIR fullband differentiator filter
dsp.DigitalDownConverter Translate digital signal from Intermediate Frequency (IF) band to baseband and decimate it
dsp.DigitalUpConverter Interpolate digital signal and translate it from baseband to Intermediate Frequency (IF) band
dsp.DyadicAnalysisFilterBank Dyadic analysis filter bank
dsp.DyadicSynthesisFilterBank Reconstruct signals from subbands
dsp.FarrowRateConverter Polynomial sample rate converter with arbitrary conversion factor
dsp.FastTransversalFilter Fast Transversal filter
dsp.FFT Discrete Fourier transform
dsp.FilterCascade Create a cascade of filter System objects
dsp.FilteredXLMSFilter Filtered XLMS filter
dsp.FIRDecimator Polyphase FIR decimator
dsp.FIRFilter Static or time-varying FIR filter
dsp.FIRHalfbandDecimator Halfband decimator
dsp.FIRHalfbandInterpolator Halfband interpolator
dsp.FIRInterpolator Polyphase FIR interpolator
dsp.FIRRateConverter Sample rate converter
dsp.FrequencyDomainAdaptiveFilter Frequency Domain Adaptive filter
dsp.HampelFilter Filter outliers using Hampel identifier
dsp.HDLChannelizer Polyphase filter bank and fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLComplexToMagnitudeAngle Compute magnitude and phase angle of complex signal—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFFT Fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRFilter Finite impulse response filter—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRRateConverter Upsample, filter, and downsample—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLIFFT Inverse fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLNCO Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HighpassFilter FIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.Histogram Histogram of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.IDCT Inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT)
dsp.IFFT Inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFFT)
dsp.IIRFilter Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter
dsp.IIRHalfbandDecimator Decimate by factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.IIRHalfbandInterpolator Interpolate by a factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.Interpolator Linear or FIR interpolation
dsp.KalmanFilter Estimate system measurements and states using Kalman filter
dsp.LDLFactor Factor square Hermitian positive definite matrices into components
dsp.LevinsonSolver Solve linear system of equations using Levinson-Durbin recursion
dsp.LMSFilter LMS adaptive filter
dsp.LogicAnalyzer Visualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time
dsp.LowerTriangularSolver Solve lower-triangular matrix equation
dsp.LowpassFilter FIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.LPCToAutocorrelation Convert linear prediction coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.LPCToCepstral Convert linear prediction coefficients to cepstral coefficients
dsp.LPCToLSF Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral frequencies
dsp.LPCToLSP Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral pairs
dsp.LPCToRC Convert linear prediction coefficients to reflection coefficients
dsp.LSFToLPC Convert line spectral frequencies to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSPToLPC Convert line spectral pairs to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LUFactor Factor square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices
dsp.MatFileReader Read MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriter Write MAT file
dsp.Maximum Find maximum value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.Mean Find mean value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.Median Median value of input
dsp.MedianFilter Median filter
dsp.Minimum Find minimum values of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MovingAverage Moving average
dsp.MovingMaximum Moving maximum
dsp.MovingMinimum Moving minimum
dsp.MovingRMS Moving Root Mean Square
dsp.MovingStandardDeviation Moving standard deviation
dsp.MovingVariance Moving variance
dsp.NCO Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals
dsp.Normalizer Vector normalization along specified dimension
dsp.NotchPeakFilter Second-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
dsp.ParametricEQFilter Tunable second-order parametric equalizer filter
dsp.PeakFinder Determine extrema (maxima or minima) in input signal
dsp.PeakToPeak Peak-to-peak value
dsp.PeakToRMS Peak-to-root-mean-square value of vector
dsp.PhaseExtractor Extract the unwrapped phase of a complex input
dsp.PhaseUnwrapper Unwrap signal phase
dsp.PulseMetrics Pulse metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.RCToAutocorrelation Convert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.RCToLPC Convert reflection coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.RLSFilter Compute output, error and coefficients using Recursive Least Squares (RLS) algorithm
dsp.RMS Root mean square of vector elements
dsp.SampleRateConverter Multistage sample rate converter
dsp.ScalarQuantizerDecoder Convert each index value into quantized output value
dsp.ScalarQuantizerEncoder Associate input value with index value of quantization region
dsp.SignalSink Log simulation data in buffer
dsp.SignalSource Import variable from workspace
dsp.SineWave Discrete-time sinusoid
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer Display frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.SpectrumEstimator Estimate power spectrum or power density spectrum
dsp.StandardDeviation Standard deviation of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.StateLevels State-level estimation for bilevel rectangular waveform
dsp.SubbandAnalysisFilter Decompose signal into high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.SubbandSynthesisFilter Reconstruct signal from high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.TimeScope Time domain signal display
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator Estimate transfer function
dsp.TransitionMetrics Transition metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.UDPReceiver Receive UDP packets from network
dsp.UDPSender Send UDP packets to network
dsp.UniformDecoder Decode integer input into floating-point output
dsp.UniformEncoder Quantize and encode floating-point input into integer output
dsp.UpperTriangularSolver Solve upper-triangular matrix equation
dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilter Variable bandwidth FIR filter
dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFilter Variable bandwidth IIR filter
dsp.VariableFractionalDelay Delay input by time-varying fractional number of sample periods
dsp.VariableIntegerDelay Delay input by time-varying integer number of sample periods
dsp.Variance Variance of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.VectorQuantizerDecoder Vector quantizer codeword for given index value
dsp.VectorQuantizerEncoder Vector quantization encoding
dsp.Window Window object
dsp.ZeroCrossingDetector Zero crossing detector
dsp_links Identify whether blocks in model are current, deprecated, or obsolete
dsplib Open top-level DSP System Toolbox library
dspstartup Configure Simulink environment for signal processing systems
dspunfold Generates a multi-threaded MEX file from a MATLAB function
ellip Elliptic filter using specification object
equiripple Equiripple single-rate FIR filter from specification object
euclidfactors Euclid factors for multirate filter
fcfwrite Write file containing filter coefficients
fdesign Filter specification object
fdesign.arbgrpdelay Arbitrary group delay filter specification object
fdesign.arbmag Arbitrary response magnitude filter specification object
fdesign.arbmagnphase Arbitrary response magnitude and phase filter specification object
fdesign.audioweighting Audio weighting filter specification object
fdesign.bandpass Bandpass filter specification object
fdesign.bandstop Bandstop filter specification object
fdesign.ciccomp CIC compensator filter specification object
fdesign.comb IIR comb filter specification object
fdesign.decimator Decimator filter specification object
fdesign.differentiator Differentiator filter specification object
fdesign.fracdelay Fractional delay filter specification object
fdesign.halfband Halfband filter specification object
fdesign.highpass Highpass filter specification object
fdesign.hilbert Hilbert filter specification object
fdesign.interpolator Interpolator filter specification
fdesign.isinchp Inverse sinc highpass filter specification
fdesign.isinclp Inverse sinc lowpass filter specification
fdesign.lowpass Lowpass filter specification
fdesign.notch Notch filter specification
fdesign.nyquist Nyquist filter specification
fdesign.octave Octave filter specification
fdesign.parameq Parametric equalizer filter specification
fdesign.peak Peak filter specification
fdesign.polysrc Construct polynomial sample-rate converter (POLYSRC) filter designer
fdesign.rsrc Rational-factor sample-rate converter specification
fftcoeffs Frequency-domain coefficients
filter Filter data with filter object
filterBuilder Interactive filter design
filterDesigner Open Filter Designer app
filtstates.cic Store CIC filter states
fircband Constrained-band equiripple FIR filter
firceqrip Constrained equiripple FIR filter
fircls FIR Constrained Least Squares filter
fireqint Equiripple FIR interpolators
firgr Parks-McClellan FIR filter
firhalfband Halfband FIR filter design
firlp2hp Convert FIR lowpass filter to Type I FIR highpass filter
firlp2lp Convert FIR Type I lowpass to FIR Type 1 lowpass with inverse bandwidth
firlpnorm Least P-norm optimal FIR filter
firls Least-square linear-phase FIR filter design
firminphase Minimum-phase FIR spectral factor
firnyquist Lowpass Nyquist (Lth-band) FIR filter
firpr2chfb Two-channel FIR filter bank for perfect reconstruction
firtype Type of linear phase FIR filter
freqrespest Frequency response estimate via filtering
freqrespopts Options for filter frequency response analysis
freqsamp Real or complex frequency-sampled FIR filter from specification object
freqz Frequency response of filter
fvtool Open Filter Visualization Tool
gain CIC filter gain
grpdelay Group delay response of discrete-time filter System object
help Help for design method with filter specification
ifir Interpolated FIR filter design
iirbpc2bpc Transform IIR complex bandpass filter to IIR complex bandpass filter with different characteristics
iircomb IIR comb notch or peak filter
iirftransf IIR frequency transformation of filter
iirgrpdelay Optimal IIR filter with prescribed group-delay
iirlinphase Quasi-linear phase IIR filter from halfband filter specification
iirlp2bp Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandpass filter
iirlp2bpc IIR lowpass to complex bandpass transformation
iirlp2bs Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR bandstop filter
iirlp2bsc Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex bandstop filter
iirlp2hp Transform lowpass IIR filter to highpass filter
iirlp2lp Transform lowpass IIR filter to different lowpass filter
iirlp2mb Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR M-band filter
iirlp2mbc Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex M-band filter
iirlp2xc Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR complex N-point filter
iirlp2xn Transform IIR lowpass filter to IIR real N-point filter
iirlpnorm Least P-norm optimal IIR filter
iirlpnormc Constrained least Pth-norm optimal IIR filter
iirls Least-squares IIR filter from specification object
iirnotch Second-order IIR notch filter
iirparameq IIR biquad digital parametric equalizer filter
iirpeak Second-order IIR peak or resonator filter
iirpowcomp Power complementary IIR filter
iirrateup Upsample IIR filter by integer factor
iirshift Shift frequency response of IIR filter
iirshiftc Shift frequency response of IIR complex filter
impz Impulse response of discrete-time filter System object
impzlength Impulse response length
info Information about filter
int States from CIC filter
isallpass Determine whether filter is allpass
isfir Determine whether filter System object is FIR
islinphase Determine whether filter has linear phase
ismaxphase Determine whether filter is maximum phase
isminphase Determine whether filter is minimum phase
isreal Determine whether filter uses real coefficients
issos Determine whether filter is SOS form
isstable Determine whether filter is stable
liblinks Check model for blocks from specific DSP System Toolbox libraries
limitcycle Response of single-rate, fixed-point IIR filter
maxflat Maxflat FIR filter
maximizestopband Maximize stopband attenuation of fixed-point filter
maxstep Maximum step size for adaptive filter convergence
measure Measure frequency response characteristics of filter System object
mfilt Multirate filter
mfilt.cascade Cascade filter objects
mfilt.cicdecim Fixed-point CIC decimator
mfilt.cicinterp Fixed-point CIC interpolator
mfilt.farrowsrc Sample rate converter with arbitrary conversion factor
mfilt.fftfirinterp Overlap-add FIR polyphase interpolator
mfilt.firdecim Direct-form FIR polyphase decimator
mfilt.firfracdecim (Obsolete) Direct-form FIR polyphase fractional decimator
mfilt.firfracinterp (Obsolete) Direct-form FIR polyphase fractional interpolator
mfilt.firinterp FIR filter-based interpolator
mfilt.firsrc Direct-form FIR polyphase sample rate converter
mfilt.firtdecim Direct-form transposed FIR filter
mfilt.holdinterp FIR hold interpolator
mfilt.iirdecim IIR decimator
mfilt.iirinterp IIR interpolator
mfilt.iirwdfdecim IIR wave digital filter decimator
mfilt.iirwdfinterp IIR wave digital filter interpolator
mfilt.linearinterp Linear interpolator
midicallback Call function handle when MIDI controls change value
midicontrols Open a group of MIDI controls for reading
midiid Interactively identify MIDI control
midiread Return most recent value of MIDI controls
midisync Send values to MIDI controls to synchronize
minimizecoeffwl Minimum wordlength fixed-point filter
msepred Predicted mean-squared error for adaptive filter
msesim Measured mean-squared error for adaptive filter
multistage Multistage filter from specification object
noisepsd Power spectral density of filter output due to roundoff noise
noisepsdopts Options for running filter output noise PSD
norm P-norm of filter
normalize Normalize filter numerator or feed-forward coefficients
normalizefreq Switch filter specification between normalized frequency and absolute frequency
nstates Number of filter states
order Order of discrete-time filter System object
phasedelay Phase delay response of discrete-time filter System object
phasez Unwrapped phase response for filter
polyphase Polyphase decomposition of multirate filter
qreport Most recent fixed-point filtering operation report
realizemdl Simulink subsystem block for filter
rebuffer_delay Number of samples of delay introduced by buffering and unbuffering operations
reffilter Reference filter for fixed-point or single-precision filter
reorder Rearrange sections in SOS filter
reset Reset the internal states of a System object
scale Scale second-order sections of dsp.BiquadFilter System object
scalecheck Check scaling of SOS filter
scaleopts Create an options object for second-order section scaling
set2int Configure filter for integer filtering
setspecs Specifications for filter specification object
sos Convert quantized filter to second–order sections (SOS) form
spbscopes.SpectrumAnalyzerConfiguration Configure Spectrum Analyzer for programmatic access
specifyall Fully specify fixed-point filter System object settings
stepz Step response of discrete-time filter System object
sysobj Create filter System object from discrete-time filter
tf2ca Transfer function to coupled allpass
tf2cl Transfer function to coupled allpass lattice
validstructures Structures for specification object with design method
wdf2allpass Wave Digital Filter to allpass coefficient transformation
window FIR filter using windowed impulse response
zerophase Zero-phase response of discrete-time filter System object
zpkbpc2bpc Zero-pole-gain complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpkftransf Zero-pole-gain frequency transformation
zpklp2bp Zero-pole-gain lowpass to bandpass frequency transformation
zpklp2bpc Zero-pole-gain lowpass to complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpklp2bs Zero-pole-gain lowpass to bandstop frequency transformation
zpklp2bsc Zero-pole-gain lowpass to complex bandstop frequency transformation
zpklp2hp Zero-pole-gain lowpass to highpass frequency transformation
zpklp2lp Zero-pole-gain lowpass to lowpass frequency transformation
zpklp2mb Zero-pole-gain lowpass to M-band frequency transformation
zpklp2mbc Zero-pole-gain lowpass to complex M-band frequency transformation
zpklp2xc Zero-pole-gain lowpass to complex N-point frequency transformation
zpklp2xn Zero-pole-gain lowpass to N-point frequency transformation
zpkrateup Zero-pole-gain complex bandpass frequency transformation
zpkshift Zero-pole-gain real shift frequency transformation
zpkshiftc Zero-pole-gain complex shift frequency transformation
zplane Z-plane zero-pole plot for discrete-time filter System object
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