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Properties and States

Properties and states for System object™


setProperties Set property values using name-value pairs
validatePropertiesImpl Validate property values
processTunedPropertiesImpl Action when tunable properties change
isInactivePropertyImpl Inactive property status
getDiscreteStateImpl Discrete state property values


matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.StringSet Set of valid character vector values

Examples and How To

Set Property Values at Construction Time

This example shows how to define a System object constructor and allow it to accept name-value property pairs as input.

Define Property Attributes

This example shows how to specify property attributes.

Initialize Properties and Setup One-Time Calculations

This example shows how to write code to initialize and set up a System object.

Hide Inactive Properties

This example shows how to hide the display of a property that is not active for a particular object configuration.

Limit Property Values to Finite List

This example shows how to limit a property to accept only a finite set of character vector values.

Process Tuned Properties

This example shows how to specify the action to take when a tunable property value changes during simulation.


What Are System Objects?

Defines System objects and key uses

System Object Methods

Using methods to process or obtain information on System objects

Methods Timing

Order in which methods are called and executed

System Objects in MATLAB Code Generation

Special considerations for using System objects in code generated from


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