System object: dsp.AllpassFilter
Package: dsp

Process inputs using allpass filter


Y = step(OBJ,x)
[Y1,...,YN]= step(OBJ,x)


Y = step(OBJ,x) processes the input data, x, to produce the output, Y, for the System object™, OBJ. [Y1,...,YN]= step(OBJ,x) produces N outputs.

Every System object has a step method. The step method processes the input data according to the object algorithm. The number of the input and the output arguments depends on the algorithm, and may depend also on one or more property settings. The step method for some objects accepts fixed-point (fi) inputs.

Calling step on an object puts that object into a locked state. When locked, you cannot change nontunable properties or any input characteristics (size, data type and complexity) without reinitializing (unlocking and relocking) the object.

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