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System object: dsp.CICDecimator
Package: dsp

Impulse response


[h,t] = impz(cicdecim)
[h,t] = impz(cicdecim,Name,Value)


[h,t] = impz(cicdecim) returns the impulse response h, and the corresponding time points t at which the impulse response ofcicdecim is computed.

[h,t] = impz(cicdecim,Name,Value) returns the impulse response h, and the corresponding time pointst , with additional options specified by one or more Name, Value pair arguments.

impz(cicdecim) uses FVTool to plot the impulse response of the filter System object™ cicdecim.


You can use impz for both real and complex filters. When you omit the output arguments, impz plots only the real part of the impulse response.

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