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System object: dsp.DigitalUpConverter
Package: dsp

Display response of filter stages


fvt = visualizeFilterStages(upConv)


visualizeFilterStages(upConv) plots the magnitude response of the filter stages and of the cascade response. When the FilterSpecification property is set to Design parameters the method plots a mask based on the filter specifications. By default, the object plots the response of the filters up to the second CIC null frequency (or to the first when only one CIC null exists).

visualizeFilterStages(upConv,'Arithmetic',ARITH) specifies the arithmetic of the filter stages. You set input ARITH to 'double', 'single', or 'fixed-point'. When object upConv is in an unlocked state you must specify the arithmetic. When object upConv is in a locked state the arithmetic input is ignored.

fvt = visualizeFilterStages(upConv) returns the handle to the FVTool object.

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