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System object: dsp.NCO
Package: dsp

Characteristic information about generated signal


S = info(H)


S = info(H) returns a structure containing characteristic information, S, about the signal being generated by the NCO System object™, H. The number of fields of S, and their values vary depending on the property value settings of H. For description of the possible fields and their values, see the following table.

NumPointsLUTNumber of data points for lookup table. The lookup table is implemented as a quarter-wave sine table.
SineLUTSizeQuarter-wave sine lookup table size in bytes.
TheoreticalSFDRTheoretical spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) in dBc. This field applies when you set the PhaseQuantization property to true.
FrequencyResolutionFrequency resolution of the NCO in Hz. The sample time of the output signal is assumed to be 1 sec.

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