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System object: dsp.PulseMetrics
Package: dsp

Plots signal and metrics computed in last call to step




plot(pm) plots the signal and metrics resulting from the last call of the step method.

By default plot displays

  • the low and high state levels and the state-level boundaries defined by the PercentStateLevelTolerance property.

  • the lower-, middle-, and upper-reference levels.

  • the locations of the mid-reference level crossings of the positive (+) and negative (-) transitions of each detected pulse.

When the TransitionOutputPort property is set to true, the locations of the upper and lower crossings are also plotted. When the PreshootOutputPort or PostShootOutputPort properties are set to true, the corresponding overshoots and undershoots are plotted as inverted or noninverted triangles. When the SettlingOutputPort property is set to true, the locations where the signal enters and remains within the lower and upper state boundaries over the specified seek duration are plotted.

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