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Identify whether blocks in model are current, deprecated, or obsolete




dsp_links returns a structure with three elements that identify whether the DSP System Toolbox™ blocks in the current model are current, deprecated, or obsolete. Each element is one of the three block categories and contains a cell array of character vectors. Each character vector is the name of a library block in the current model.

dsp_links('modelname') returns the three-element structure for the specified model.


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Display block support information for the specified model, and then find the name of the first current block.

sys = 'dspcochlear';

Load the dspcochlear model


Run dsp_links on the model

links = dsp_links(sys)
links = 

  struct with fields:

      obsolete: {}
    deprecated: {}
       current: {1x23 cell}

Find the name of the first current block

ans =

    'dspcochlear/Filter bank signal processing/Subsystem3/IIR Filter Bank/Digital Filter10'

More About

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Obsolete Blocks

Obsolete blocks are blocks that the toolbox no longer supports. In some cases, these blocks no longer function properly.

Deprecated Blocks

Deprecated blocks are blocks that the toolbox still supports but are likely to become obsolete in a future release. Refer to the block reference page for suggested replacements.

Current Blocks

Current blocks are blocks that the toolbox supports and that represent the latest block functionality.

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Introduced before R2006a

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