Class: matlab.system.display.Section
Package: matlab.system.display

Property groups for System object display


group = getPropertyGroupsImpl


group = getPropertyGroupsImpl returns the groups of properties to display. You define property sections (matlab.system.display.Section ) and section groups (matlab.system.display.SectionGroup ) within this method. Sections arrange properties into groups. Section groups arrange sections and properties into groups. If a System object™, included through the MATLAB System block, has a section, but that section is not in a section group, its properties appear above the block dialog tab panels.

If you do not include a getPropertyGroupsImpl method in your code, all public properties are included in the dialog box by default. If you include a getPropertyGroupsImpl method but do not list a property, that property does not appear in the dialog box.

getPropertyGroupsImpl is called by the MATLAB System block and when displaying the object at the command line.

    Note:   You must set Access = protected and Static for this method.

Output Arguments


Property group or groups


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Define Block Dialog Tabs

Define two block dialog tabs, each containing specific properties. For this example, you use the getPropertyGroupsImpl, matlab.system.display.SectionGroup, and matlab.system.display.Section methods in your class definition file.

methods (Static, Access = protected)
   function groups = getPropertyGroupsImpl
      valueGroup = matlab.system.display.Section(...
           'Title','Value parameters',...
      thresholdGroup = matlab.system.display.Section(...
           'Title','Threshold parameters',...
      mainGroup = matlab.system.display.SectionGroup(...
           'Title','Main', ...
      initGroup = matlab.system.display.SectionGroup(...
           'Title','Initial conditions', ...
      groups = [mainGroup,initGroup];

The resulting dialog box appears as follows.

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