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Maxflat FIR filter


hd = design(d,'maxflat')
hd = design(d,'maxflat','FilterStructure',structure)


hd = design(d,'maxflat') designs a maximally flat filter, hd, from a filter specification object, d.

hd = design(d,'maxflat','FilterStructure',structure) designs a maximally flat filter where structure is one of the following:

  • 'dffir', a discrete-time, direct-form FIR filter (the default value)

  • 'dffirt', a discrete-time, direct-form FIR transposed filter

  • 'dfsymfir', a discrete-time, direct-form symmetric FIR filter

  • 'fftfir', a discrete-time, overlap-add, FIR filter


Example 1: Design a lowpass filter with a maximally flat FIR structure.

d  = fdesign.lowpass('N,F3dB', 50, 0.3);
Hd = design(d, 'maxflat');

Example 2: Design a highpass filter with a maximally flat overlap-add FIR structure.

d  = fdesign.highpass('N,F3dB', 50, 0.7);

Introduced in R2011a

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