Reference filter for fixed-point or single-precision filter


href = reffilter(hd)


href = reffilter(hd) returns a new filter href that has the same structure as hd, but uses the reference coefficients and has its arithmetic property set to double. Note that hd can be either a fixed-point filter (arithmetic property set to 'fixed', or a single-precision floating-point filter whose arithmetic property is 'single').

reffilter(hd) differs from double(hd) in that

  • the filter href returned by reffilter has the reference coefficients of hd.

  • double(hd) returns the quantized coefficients of hd represented in double-precision.

To check the performance of your fixed-point filter, use href = reffilter(hd) to quickly have the floating-point, double-precision version of hd available for comparison.


Compare several fixed-point quantizations of a filter with the same double-precision floating-point version of the filter.

h = dfilt.dffir(firceqrip(87,.5,[1e-3,1e-6])); % Lowpass filter.
h1 = copy(h); h2 = copy(h); % Create copies of h.
h.arithmetic = 'fixed';   % Set h to filter using fixed-point...
                          % arithmetic.
h1.arithmetic = 'fixed';  % Same for h1.
h2.arithmetic = 'fixed';  % Same for h2.
h.CoeffWordLength  = 16;  % Use 16 bits to represent the...
                          % coefficients.
h1.CoeffWordLength = 12;  % Use 12 bits to represent the...
                          % coefficients.
h2.CoeffWordLength =  8;  % Use 8 bits to represent the...
                          % coefficients.
href = reffilter(h);
hfvt = fvtool(href,h,h1,h2);
set(hfvt,'ShowReference','off'); % Reference displayed once
                                 % already.
legend(hfvt,'Reference filter','16-bits','12-bits','8-bits');

The following plot, taken from FVTool, shows href, the reference filter, and the effects of using three different word lengths to represent the coefficients.

As expected, the fidelity of the fixed-point filters suffers as you change the representation of the coefficients. With href available, it is easy to see just how the fixed-point filter compares to the ideal.

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Introduced in R2011a

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