Signal Import and Export

Interface with external signals

System Objects

dsp.AudioFileReader Read audio samples from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriter Write audio samples to audio file
dsp.AudioPlayer Play audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioRecorder Record audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.MatFileReader Read MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriter Write MAT file
dsp.UDPReceiver Receive UDP packets from network
dsp.UDPSender Send UDP packets to network


midicallback Call function handle when MIDI controls change value
midicontrols Open a group of MIDI controls for reading
midiid Interactively identify MIDI control
midiread Return most recent value of MIDI controls
midisync Send values to MIDI controls to synchronize


From Audio Device Read audio data from computer's audio device
To Audio Device Write audio data to computer's audio device
From Multimedia File Read multimedia file
To Multimedia File Write video frames and audio samples to multimedia file
UDP Receive Receive uint8 vector as UDP message
UDP Send Send UDP message
MIDI Controls Output values from controls on MIDI control surface
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