Signal Generation

Create signals

System Objects

dsp.ColoredNoise Colored noise generator
dsp.Chirp Generate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.SignalSource Import variable from workspace
dsp.SineWave Discrete-time sinusoid


Chirp Generate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
Colored Noise Generate colored noise signal
Constant Generate constant value
Discrete Impulse Generate discrete impulse
Identity Matrix Generate matrix with ones on main diagonal and zeros elsewhere
Multiphase Clock Generate multiple binary clock signals
N-Sample Enable Output ones or zeros for specified number of sample times
NCO Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals
NCO HDL Optimized Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals—optimized for HDL code generation
Random Source Generate randomly distributed values
Signal From Workspace Import signal from MATLAB workspace
Sine Wave Generate continuous or discrete sine wave
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