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DSP System Toolbox System Objects

Alphabetical List By Category
audioDeviceWriterPlay to sound card
dsp.AdaptiveLatticeFilterAdaptive lattice filter
dsp.AffineProjectionFilterCompute output, error and coefficients using Affine Projection (AP) Algorithm
dsp.AllpassFilterSingle section or cascaded allpass filter
dsp.AllpoleFilterIIR Filter with no zeros
dsp.AnalyticSignalAnalytic signals of discrete-time inputs
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.ArrayVectorAdderAdd array to vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorDividerDivide array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorMultiplierMultiply array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorSubtractorSubtract vector from array along specified dimension
dsp.AsyncBufferFIFO buffer
dsp.AudioFileReaderStream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriterStream to audio file
dsp.AudioPlayerPlay audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioRecorderRecord audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AutocorrelatorAutocorrelation sequence
dsp.BinaryFileReaderRead data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileWriterWrite data to binary files
dsp.BiquadFilterIIR filter using biquadratic structures
dsp.BlockLMSFilterCompute output, error, and weights using Block LMS adaptive algorithm
dsp.BufferBuffer input signal
dsp.BurgAREstimatorEstimate of autoregressive (AR) model parameters using Burg method
dsp.BurgSpectrumEstimatorParametric spectral estimate using Burg method
dsp.CepstralToLPCConvert cepstral coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.ChannelizerPolyphase FFT analysis filter bank
dsp.ChannelSynthesizerPolyphase FFT synthesis filter bank
dsp.ChirpGenerate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.CICCompensationDecimatorCompensate for CIC decimation filter using FIR decimator
dsp.CICCompensationInterpolatorCompensate for CIC interpolation filter using FIR interpolator
dsp.CICDecimatorDecimate input using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.CICInterpolatorInterpolate signal using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.ColoredNoiseGenerate colored noise signal
dsp.ConvolverConvolution of two signals
dsp.CounterCount up or down through specified range of numbers
dsp.CoupledAllpassFilterCoupled allpass IIR filter
dsp.CrosscorrelatorCross-correlation of two inputs
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimatorEstimate cross-spectral density
dsp.CumulativeProductCumulative product of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.CumulativeSumCumulative sum of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.DCBlockerBlock DC component (offset) from input signal
dsp.DCTDiscrete cosine transform (DCT)
dsp.DelayDelay input signal by fixed samples
dsp.DelayLineRebuffer sequence of inputs with one-sample shift
dsp.DifferentiatorDirect form FIR fullband differentiator filter
dsp.DigitalDownConverterTranslate digital signal from Intermediate Frequency (IF) band to baseband and decimate it
dsp.DigitalUpConverterInterpolate digital signal and translate it from baseband to Intermediate Frequency (IF) band
dsp.DyadicAnalysisFilterBankDyadic analysis filter bank
dsp.DyadicSynthesisFilterBankReconstruct signals from subbands
dsp.FarrowRateConverterPolynomial sample rate converter with arbitrary conversion factor
dsp.FastTransversalFilterFast Transversal filter
dsp.FFTDiscrete Fourier transform
dsp.FilterCascadeCreate a cascade of filter System objects
dsp.FilteredXLMSFilterFiltered XLMS filter
dsp.FIRDecimatorPolyphase FIR decimator
dsp.FIRFilterStatic or time-varying FIR filter
dsp.FIRHalfbandDecimatorHalfband decimator
dsp.FIRHalfbandInterpolatorHalfband interpolator
dsp.FIRInterpolatorPolyphase FIR interpolator
dsp.FIRRateConverterSample rate converter
dsp.FrequencyDomainAdaptiveFilterFrequency Domain Adaptive filter
dsp.FrequencyDomainFIRFilterFilter input signal in frequency domain
dsp.HampelFilterFilter outliers using Hampel identifier
dsp.HDLChannelizerPolyphase filter bank and fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLComplexToMagnitudeAngleMagnitude and phase angle of complex signal—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFFTFast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRFilterFinite impulse response filter—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRRateConverterUpsample, filter, and downsample—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLIFFTInverse fast Fourier transform — optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLNCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HighpassFilterFIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.HistogramHistogram of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.IDCTInverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT)
dsp.IFFTInverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFFT)
dsp.IIRFilterInfinite impulse response (IIR) filter
dsp.IIRHalfbandDecimatorDecimate by factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.IIRHalfbandInterpolatorInterpolate by a factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.InterpolatorLinear or polyphase FIR interpolation
dsp.KalmanFilterEstimate system measurements and states using Kalman filter
dsp.LDLFactorFactor square Hermitian positive definite matrices into components
dsp.LevinsonSolverSolve linear system of equations using Levinson-Durbin recursion
dsp.LMSFilterLMS adaptive filter
dsp.LogicAnalyzerVisualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time
dsp.LowerTriangularSolverSolve lower-triangular matrix equation
dsp.LowpassFilterFIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.LPCToAutocorrelationConvert linear prediction coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.LPCToCepstralConvert linear prediction coefficients to cepstral coefficients
dsp.LPCToLSFConvert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral frequencies
dsp.LPCToLSPConvert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral pairs
dsp.LPCToRCConvert linear prediction coefficients to reflection coefficients
dsp.LSFToLPCConvert line spectral frequencies to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSPToLPCConvert line spectral pairs to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LUFactorFactor square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices
dsp.MatFileReaderRead MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriterWrite MAT file
dsp.MaximumFind maximum value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MeanFind mean value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MedianMedian value of input
dsp.MedianFilterMedian filter
dsp.MinimumFind minimum values of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MovingAverageMoving average
dsp.MovingMaximumMoving maximum
dsp.MovingMinimumMoving minimum
dsp.MovingRMSMoving Root Mean Square
dsp.MovingStandardDeviationMoving standard deviation
dsp.MovingVarianceMoving variance
dsp.NCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals
dsp.NormalizerVector normalization along specified dimension
dsp.NotchPeakFilterSecond-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
dsp.ParametricEQFilterTunable second-order parametric equalizer filter
dsp.PeakFinderIdentify peak values in input signal
dsp.PeakToPeakPeak-to-peak value
dsp.PeakToRMSPeak-to-root-mean-square value of vector
dsp.PhaseExtractorExtract the unwrapped phase of a complex input
dsp.PhaseUnwrapperUnwrap signal phase
dsp.PulseMetricsPulse metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.RCToAutocorrelationConvert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.RCToLPCConvert reflection coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.RLSFilterCompute output, error and coefficients using Recursive Least Squares (RLS) algorithm
dsp.RMSRoot mean square of vector elements
dsp.SampleRateConverterMultistage sample rate converter
dsp.ScalarQuantizerDecoderConvert each index value into quantized output value
dsp.ScalarQuantizerEncoderAssociate input value with index value of quantization region
dsp.SignalSinkLog simulation data in buffer
dsp.SignalSourceImport variable from workspace
dsp.SineWaveGenerate discrete sine wave
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.SpectrumEstimatorEstimate power spectrum or power density spectrum
dsp.StandardDeviationStandard deviation of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.StateLevelsState-level estimation for bilevel rectangular waveform
dsp.SubbandAnalysisFilterDecompose signal into high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.SubbandSynthesisFilterReconstruct signal from high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimatorEstimate transfer function
dsp.TransitionMetricsTransition metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.UDPReceiverReceive UDP packets from network
dsp.UDPSenderSend UDP packets to network
dsp.UniformDecoderDecode integer input into floating-point output
dsp.UniformEncoderQuantize and encode floating-point input into integer output
dsp.UpperTriangularSolverSolve upper-triangular matrix equation
dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilterVariable bandwidth FIR filter
dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFilterVariable bandwidth IIR filter
dsp.VariableFractionalDelayDelay input by time-varying fractional number of sample periods
dsp.VariableIntegerDelayDelay input by time-varying integer number of sample periods
dsp.VarianceVariance of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.VectorQuantizerDecoderVector quantizer codeword for given index value
dsp.VectorQuantizerEncoderVector quantization encoding
dsp.WindowWindow object
dsp.ZeroCrossingDetectorDetect zero crossings
dsp.ZoomFFT High-resolution FFT of a portion of a spectrum
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