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DSP System Toolbox System Objects

Alphabetical List By Category
audioDeviceWriter Play to sound card
dsp.AdaptiveLatticeFilter Adaptive lattice filter
dsp.AffineProjectionFilter Compute output, error and coefficients using Affine Projection (AP) Algorithm
dsp.AllpassFilter Single section or cascaded allpass filter
dsp.AllpoleFilter IIR Filter with no zeros
dsp.AnalyticSignal Analytic signals of discrete-time inputs
dsp.ArrayPlot Display vectors or arrays
dsp.ArrayVectorAdder Add array to vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorDivider Divide array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorMultiplier Multiply array by vector along specified dimension
dsp.ArrayVectorSubtractor Subtract vector from array along specified dimension
dsp.AsyncBuffer FIFO buffer
dsp.AudioFileReader Stream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriter Stream to audio file
dsp.AudioPlayer Play audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.AudioRecorder Record audio data using computer's audio device
dsp.Autocorrelator Autocorrelation sequence
dsp.BinaryFileReader Read data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileWriter Write data to binary files
dsp.BiquadFilter IIR filter using biquadratic structures
dsp.BlockLMSFilter Compute output, error, and weights using Block LMS adaptive algorithm
dsp.Buffer Buffer input signal
dsp.BurgAREstimator Estimate of autoregressive (AR) model parameters using Burg method
dsp.BurgSpectrumEstimator Parametric spectral estimate using Burg method
dsp.CepstralToLPC Convert cepstral coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.Channelizer Polyphase FFT analysis filter bank
dsp.ChannelSynthesizer Polyphase FFT synthesis filter bank
dsp.Chirp Generate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.CICCompensationDecimator Compensate for CIC decimation filter using FIR decimator
dsp.CICCompensationInterpolator Compensate for CIC interpolation filter using FIR interpolator
dsp.CICDecimator Decimate input using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.CICInterpolator Interpolate signal using Cascaded Integrator-Comb filter
dsp.ColoredNoise Colored noise generator
dsp.Convolver Convolution of two inputs
dsp.Counter Count up or down through specified range of numbers
dsp.CoupledAllpassFilter Coupled allpass IIR filter
dsp.Crosscorrelator Cross-correlation of two inputs
dsp.CrossSpectrumEstimator Estimate cross-spectral density
dsp.CumulativeProduct Cumulative product of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.CumulativeSum Cumulative sum of channel, column, or row elements
dsp.DCBlocker Remove DC component
dsp.DCT Discrete cosine transform (DCT)
dsp.Delay Delay input by specified number of samples or frames
dsp.DelayLine Rebuffer sequence of inputs with one-sample shift
dsp.Differentiator Direct form FIR fullband differentiator filter
dsp.DigitalDownConverter Translate digital signal from Intermediate Frequency (IF) band to baseband and decimate it
dsp.DigitalUpConverter Interpolate digital signal and translate it from baseband to Intermediate Frequency (IF) band
dsp.DyadicAnalysisFilterBank Dyadic analysis filter bank
dsp.DyadicSynthesisFilterBank Reconstruct signals from subbands
dsp.FarrowRateConverter Polynomial sample rate converter with arbitrary conversion factor
dsp.FastTransversalFilter Fast Transversal filter
dsp.FFT Discrete Fourier transform
dsp.FilterCascade Create a cascade of filter System objects
dsp.FilteredXLMSFilter Filtered XLMS filter
dsp.FIRDecimator Polyphase FIR decimator
dsp.FIRFilter Static or time-varying FIR filter
dsp.FIRHalfbandDecimator Halfband decimator
dsp.FIRHalfbandInterpolator Halfband interpolator
dsp.FIRInterpolator Polyphase FIR interpolator
dsp.FIRRateConverter Sample rate converter
dsp.FrequencyDomainAdaptiveFilter Frequency Domain Adaptive filter
dsp.HampelFilter Filter outliers using Hampel identifier
dsp.HDLChannelizer Polyphase filter bank and fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLComplexToMagnitudeAngle Compute magnitude and phase angle of complex signal—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFFT Fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRFilter Finite impulse response filter—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLFIRRateConverter Upsample, filter, and downsample—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLIFFT Inverse fast Fourier transform—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HDLNCO Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals—optimized for HDL code generation
dsp.HighpassFilter FIR or IIR highpass filter
dsp.Histogram Histogram of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.IDCT Inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT)
dsp.IFFT Inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFFT)
dsp.IIRFilter Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filter
dsp.IIRHalfbandDecimator Decimate by factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.IIRHalfbandInterpolator Interpolate by a factor of two using polyphase IIR
dsp.Interpolator Linear or FIR interpolation
dsp.KalmanFilter Estimate system measurements and states using Kalman filter
dsp.LDLFactor Factor square Hermitian positive definite matrices into components
dsp.LevinsonSolver Solve linear system of equations using Levinson-Durbin recursion
dsp.LMSFilter LMS adaptive filter
dsp.LogicAnalyzer Visualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time
dsp.LowerTriangularSolver Solve lower-triangular matrix equation
dsp.LowpassFilter FIR or IIR lowpass filter
dsp.LPCToAutocorrelation Convert linear prediction coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.LPCToCepstral Convert linear prediction coefficients to cepstral coefficients
dsp.LPCToLSF Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral frequencies
dsp.LPCToLSP Convert linear prediction coefficients to line spectral pairs
dsp.LPCToRC Convert linear prediction coefficients to reflection coefficients
dsp.LSFToLPC Convert line spectral frequencies to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LSPToLPC Convert line spectral pairs to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.LUFactor Factor square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices
dsp.MatFileReader Read MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriter Write MAT file
dsp.Maximum Find maximum value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.Mean Find mean value of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.Median Median value of input
dsp.MedianFilter Median filter
dsp.Minimum Find minimum values of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.MovingAverage Moving average
dsp.MovingMaximum Moving maximum
dsp.MovingMinimum Moving minimum
dsp.MovingRMS Moving Root Mean Square
dsp.MovingStandardDeviation Moving standard deviation
dsp.MovingVariance Moving variance
dsp.NCO Generate real or complex sinusoidal signals
dsp.Normalizer Vector normalization along specified dimension
dsp.NotchPeakFilter Second-order tunable notching and peaking IIR filter
dsp.ParametricEQFilter Tunable second-order parametric equalizer filter
dsp.PeakFinder Determine extrema (maxima or minima) in input signal
dsp.PeakToPeak Peak-to-peak value
dsp.PeakToRMS Peak-to-root-mean-square value of vector
dsp.PhaseExtractor Extract the unwrapped phase of a complex input
dsp.PhaseUnwrapper Unwrap signal phase
dsp.PulseMetrics Pulse metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.RCToAutocorrelation Convert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation coefficients
dsp.RCToLPC Convert reflection coefficients to linear prediction coefficients
dsp.RLSFilter Compute output, error and coefficients using Recursive Least Squares (RLS) algorithm
dsp.RMS Root mean square of vector elements
dsp.SampleRateConverter Multistage sample rate converter
dsp.ScalarQuantizerDecoder Convert each index value into quantized output value
dsp.ScalarQuantizerEncoder Associate input value with index value of quantization region
dsp.SignalSink Log simulation data in buffer
dsp.SignalSource Import variable from workspace
dsp.SineWave Discrete-time sinusoid
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer Display frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.SpectrumEstimator Estimate power spectrum or power density spectrum
dsp.StandardDeviation Standard deviation of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.StateLevels State-level estimation for bilevel rectangular waveform
dsp.SubbandAnalysisFilter Decompose signal into high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.SubbandSynthesisFilter Reconstruct signal from high-frequency and low-frequency subbands
dsp.TimeScope Time domain signal display
dsp.TransferFunctionEstimator Estimate transfer function
dsp.TransitionMetrics Transition metrics of bilevel waveforms
dsp.UDPReceiver Receive UDP packets from network
dsp.UDPSender Send UDP packets to network
dsp.UniformDecoder Decode integer input into floating-point output
dsp.UniformEncoder Quantize and encode floating-point input into integer output
dsp.UpperTriangularSolver Solve upper-triangular matrix equation
dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilter Variable bandwidth FIR filter
dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFilter Variable bandwidth IIR filter
dsp.VariableFractionalDelay Delay input by time-varying fractional number of sample periods
dsp.VariableIntegerDelay Delay input by time-varying integer number of sample periods
dsp.Variance Variance of input or sequence of inputs
dsp.VectorQuantizerDecoder Vector quantizer codeword for given index value
dsp.VectorQuantizerEncoder Vector quantization encoding
dsp.Window Window object
dsp.ZeroCrossingDetector Zero crossing detector
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