Interface to a Host Simulator Using a Shared Library

This example shows the use of a shared library generated using the system target file ert_shrlib.tlc for a single-rate discrete-time model.

Open Example Model

Open the example model rtwdemo_shrlib.


An 8-bit counter feeding a triggered subsystem is parameterized with constants INC=1, LIMIT=4, and RESET=0. The I/O for the model is Input and Output. The Amplifier subsystem amplifies the input signal by a gain factor K=3. The output signal is updated whenever signal equal_to_count is true. The shared library generated from this example can be dynamically loaded from another application. See rtwdemo_shrlib_app.c for an application example written in C language.


  1. View the configuration on the Code Generation tab of the Configuration Parameters dialog box by clicking the yellow button in the model.

  2. Double-click the blue button in the model to build and run an example application that uses the generated shared library. Click the white buttons to view the source code.

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