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Cointegration Analysis

Engle-Granger cointegration test, and Johansen cointegration and constraint tests

The multivariate time series model you choose to describe your data depends on whether there are cointegrating relations among the response series. For more details, see Cointegration and Error Correction Analysis.


egcitestEngle-Granger cointegration test
jcitestJohansen cointegration test
jcontest Johansen constraint test


Cointegration and Error Correction Analysis

Learn about cointegrated time series and error correction models.

Identifying Single Cointegrating Relations

The Engle-Granger test for cointegration and its limitations.

Test for Cointegration Using the Engle-Granger Test

Test the null hypothesis that there are no cointegrating relationships among the response series composing a multivariate model.

Identifying Multiple Cointegrating Relations

Learn about the Johansen test for cointegration.

Test for Cointegration Using the Johansen Test

Assess whether a multivariate time series has multiple cointegrating relations using the Johansen test.

Compare Approaches to Cointegration Analysis

Compare Johansen and Engle-Granger approaches to cointegration analysis.

Testing Cointegrating Vectors and Adjustment Speeds

Learn testing linear constraints on cointegrating relations and adjustment speeds about using the Johansen framework.

Test Cointegrating Vectors

Conduct tests on cointegrating vectors.

Test Adjustment Speeds

Conduct tests on adjustment speeds.

Determine Cointegration Rank of VEC Model

Compute and interpret the cointegration rank of a VEC model.

Estimate VEC Model Parameters Using egcitest

Estimate the parameters of a VEC model.

Simulate and Forecast a VEC Model

Generate forecasts from a VEC model.

Generate VEC Model Impulse Responses

Generate impulse responses from a VEC model.

Estimate VEC Model Parameters Using jcitest

Produce maximum likelihood estimates of VEC model coefficients under the rank restrictions on the cointegrating matrix.

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