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Class: LagOp

Reflect lag operator polynomial coefficients around lag zero


B = reflect(A)


Given a lag operator polynomial object A(L),B = reflect(A) negates all coefficient matrices except the coefficient matrix at lag 0. For example, given a polynomial of degree p,

the reflected polynomial B(L) is

with the same degree and dimension as A(L).


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Reflect a Lag Operator Polynomial

Create a LagOp polynomial and its reflection:

A = LagOp({0.8 1 0 .6});
B = reflect(A)
B = 

    1-D Lag Operator Polynomial:
        Coefficients: [0.8 -1 -0.6]
                Lags: [0 1 3]
              Degree: 3
           Dimension: 1
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