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Change preferences

When working with Spreadsheet Link™, there are preferences for Spreadsheet Link and MATLAB® functionality. Specify different preferences to control how Spreadsheet Link and MATLAB behave with startup, data, and error handling.


MLAutoStart Automatically start MATLAB
MLProgramId Specify MATLAB version
MLStartDir Specify MATLAB current working folder after startup
MLUseFullDesktop Specify whether to use full MATLAB desktop or Command Window
MLMissingDataAsNaN Set empty cells to NaN or 0
MLUseCellArray Toggle MLPutMatrix to use MATLAB cell arrays
MLShowMatlabErrors Return standard Spreadsheet Link errors or full MATLAB errors using MLEvalString


Setting Spreadsheet Link Preferences

Set preference settings for Spreadsheet Link and MATLAB to control how the software behaves when Spreadsheet Link starts MATLAB in Microsoft® Excel®.

Localization Information

Consult Windows® regional settings for non-English environments.

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