Set Spreadsheet Link EX Preferences

Use the Preferences dialog box to set Spreadsheet Link™ EX preferences. Click the preferences button in the Excel® toolbar or MATLAB® group to open this dialog box.

Preferences include:

  • Start MATLAB at Excel startup starts a MATLAB session automatically when an Excel session starts. By default, this option is enabled.

  • MATLAB startup folder lets you specify the startup folder for your MATLAB session.

  • Use MATLAB desktop starts the MATLAB desktop, including the current folder, workspace, command history, and Command Window panes, when an Excel session starts.

  • Show MATLAB errors displays MATLAB error messages in Excel worksheet cells. Without this option, worksheet cells display Excel error messages. See Worksheet Cell Errors.

  • Force use of MATLAB cell arrays with MLPutMatrix enables the MLPutMatrix function to use cell arrays for data transfer between the Excel software and the MATLAB workspace.

  • Treat missing/empty cells as NaN sets data in missing or empty cells to NaN or zero.

Use Particular Versions of MATLAB

If there are several versions on MATLAB installed on your computer, the Spreadsheet Link EX software uses the last registered version. Typically, the last registered version is the latest version you have installed. To change the last registered version of MATLAB:

  1. Shut down all MATLAB and Excel sessions.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window, and using cd, change to the bin\win64 or bin\win32 subfolder of the MATLAB installation folder.

  3. Enter the command:

    .\matlab /regserver
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