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Product Installation

Install the Microsoft® Excel® product before you install the MATLAB® and Spreadsheet Link™ software. To install the Spreadsheet Link add-in, follow the instructions in the MATLAB installation documentation. Select the Spreadsheet Link check box when choosing components to install.

    Notes:   If you have several versions of MATLAB installed on your computer, Spreadsheet Link uses the version that you registered last.

    To install the Spreadsheet Link add-in, you need administrator system privileges on the computer. Contact your system administrator to enable these privileges.

Files and Folders Created by the Installation

    Note:   The MATLAB root folder, matlabroot, is where MATLAB is installed on your system.

The Spreadsheet Link installation program creates a subfolder under matlabroot\toolbox\. The exlink folder contains these files:

  • excllink.xlam: The Spreadsheet Link add-in for Microsoft Excel

  • ExliSamp.xls: Spreadsheet Link example files described in this documentation

After You Upgrade the Spreadsheet Link Software

If MATLAB and Spreadsheet Link are installed on your computer, to upgrade to a newer version:

  1. Install the new version of MATLAB and Spreadsheet Link.

  2. Start MATLAB and a Microsoft Excel session.

  3. Configure the Spreadsheet Link software. For details, see Add-In Setup.

  4. If you have existing workbooks with macros that use Spreadsheet Link, update references to Spreadsheet Link in each workbook.

To update the references in an existing workbook in Microsoft Excel:

  1. In a Microsoft Excel session, open the Visual Basic® Editor window by clicking Visual Basic on the Developer tab. (If you do not find the Developer tab, see the Excel Help.)

  2. In the left pane, select a module for which you want to update a reference.

  3. From the main menu, select Tools > References.

  4. In the References dialog box, select the SpreadsheetLink2007_2010 check box.

  5. Click OK.

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