Microsoft Excel and MATLAB Interaction

Spreadsheet Link™ EX Add-In integrates the Microsoft® Excel® and MATLAB® products in a computing environment running Microsoft Windows®. It connects the Excel interface to the MATLAB workspace, enabling you to use Excel worksheet and macro programming tools to leverage the numerical, computational, and graphical power of MATLAB.

You can use Spreadsheet Link EX functions in an Excel worksheet or macro to exchange and synchronize data between Excel and MATLAB, without leaving the Excel environment. With a small number of functions to manage the link and manipulate data, the Spreadsheet Link EX software is powerful in its simplicity.

    Note:   This documentation uses the terms worksheet and spreadsheet interchangeably.

The Spreadsheet Link EX software supports MATLAB two-dimensional numeric arrays, one-dimensional character arrays (strings), and two-dimensional cell arrays. It does not work with MATLAB multidimensional arrays and structures.

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