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Startup Errors

Starting MATLAB Automatically

If you have enabled MLAutoStart, double-clicking an .xls file in the MATLAB® Current Folder browser and choosing Open Outside MATLAB causes a Microsoft® Excel® error to appear. To open the file successfully, click End in the error window.

To avoid this issue, disable MLAutoStart. Start MATLAB sessions from Microsoft Excel by selecting Start MATLAB in the MATLAB group.

Setting the MATLAB Version

Set the MATLAB version using MLProgramId. If the MATLAB version is set incorrectly, MATLAB does not start and displays this error: Unable to start MATLAB. Please register MATLAB Software as a COM Server.

Ensure that the correct MATLAB version appears in the Preferences dialog box before starting MATLAB. For details, see Setting Spreadsheet Link Preferences.

If MATLAB is installed on your computer and setting the MATLAB version does not work, use the last registered version to start MATLAB. To specify the last registered version of MATLAB:

  1. Shut down all MATLAB and Excel sessions.

  2. Open a Command Prompt window, and using cd, change to the bin\win64 subfolder of the MATLAB installation folder.

  3. Enter the command:

    .\matlab /regserver

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