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Cash Flows

Analyze cash flows including annuities, amortization and depreciation, present and future value, and rates of return


annurate Periodic interest rate of annuity
annuterm Number of periods to obtain value
payadv Periodic payment given number of advance payments
payodd Payment of loan or annuity with odd first period
payper Periodic payment of loan or annuity
payuni Uniform payment equal to varying cash flow
amortize Amortization schedule
depfixdb Fixed declining-balance depreciation schedule
depgendb General declining-balance depreciation schedule
deprdv Remaining depreciable value
depsoyd Sum of years' digits depreciation
depstln Straight-line depreciation schedule
pvfix Present value with fixed periodic payments
pvvar Present value of varying cash flow
fvdisc Future value of discounted security
fvfix Future value with fixed periodic payments
fvvar Future value of varying cash flow
effrr Effective rate of return
elpm Compute expected lower partial moments for normal asset returns
irr Internal rate of return
mirr Modified internal rate of return
nomrr Nominal rate of return
taxedrr After-tax rate of return
xirr Internal rate of return for nonperiodic cash flow
cfconv Cash flow convexity
cfdur Cash-flow duration and modified duration
cfamounts Cash flow and time mapping for bond portfolio
cfport Portfolio form of cash flow amounts
cftimes Time factors corresponding to bond cash flow dates
cfdates Cash flow dates for fixed-income security
cfdatesq Quasi-coupon dates for fixed-income security
cfprice Compute price for cash flow given yield to maturity
cfplot Visualize cash flows of financial instruments
cfspread Compute spread over yield curve for cash flow
cfyield Compute yield to maturity for cash flow given price
cfbyzero Price cash flows from set of zero curves
tmfactor Time factors of arbitrary dates
cur2frac Decimal currency values to fractional values
cur2str Bank-formatted text
dec2thirtytwo Decimal to thirty-second quotation
frac2cur Fractional currency value to decimal value
thirtytwo2dec Thirty-second quotation to decimal


Analyzing and Computing Cash Flows

Cash-flow functions compute interest rates and rates of return, present or future values, depreciation streams, and annuities.

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