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Interactive display




chartfts(tsobj) produces a figure window that contains one or more plots. You can use the mouse to observe the data at a particular time point of the plot.


Create a financial time series object from the supplied data file ibm9599.dat:

ibmfts = ascii2fts('ibm9599.dat', 1, 3, 2);

Chart the financial time series object ibmfts:


With the Zoom feature set off, a mouse click on the indicator line displays object data in a pop-up box.

With the Zoom feature set on, mouse clicks indicate the area of the chart to zoom.

You can find a tutorial on using chartfts in Visualizing Financial Time Series Objects. See Zoom Tool for details on performing the zoom. Also see Combine Axes Tool for information about combining axes for specified plots.

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Introduced before R2006a

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