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Convert to specified frequency


newfts = convertto(oldfts, newfreq)
newfts = convertto(oldfts, newfreq, 'param1','value1','param2',
'value2', ... )



Name of an existing financial time series object.


1, DAILY, Daily, daily, D, d

2, WEEKLY, Weekly, weekly, W, w

3, MONTHLY, Monthly, monthly, M, m

4, QUARTERLY, Quarterly, quarterly, Q, q

5, SEMIANNUAL, Semiannual, semiannual, S, s

6, ANNUAL, Annual, annual, A, a


convertto converts a financial time series of any frequency to one of a specified frequency.

newfts = convertto(oldfts, newfreq) converts the object oldfts to the new time series object newfts with the frequency newfreq.

Refer to the documentation for each frequency conversion function to determine the valid parameter/value pairs.

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