Data Extraction

Manipulate and extract data from a time series object


ftstool Financial Time Series app
ftsgui Financial time series GUI
chfield Change data series name
eq (fts) Multiple financial times series object equality
extfield Data series extraction
fetch Data from financial time series object
fieldnames Get names of fields
freqnum Convert character vector frequency indicator to numeric frequency indicator
freqstr Convert numeric frequency indicator to character vector representation
ftsbound Start and end dates
ftsinfo Financial time series object information
ftsuniq Determine uniqueness
getfield Content of specific field
getnameidx Find name in list
iscompatible Structural equality
isequal Multiple object equality
isfield Check whether character vector is field name
issorted Check whether dates and times are monotonically increasing
rmfield Remove data series
setfield Set content of specific field
sortfts Sort financial time series


Financial Time Series Create and manage Financial Time Series
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