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Get names of fields


fnames = fieldnames(tsobj)
fnames = fieldnames(tsobj, srsnameonly)



Financial time series object


Field names returned:

0 = All field names (default).

1 = Data series names only.


fieldnames gets field names in a financial time series object.

fnames = fieldnames(tsobj) returns the field names associated with the financial time series object tsobj as a cell array of character vectors, including the common fields: desc, freq, dates (and times if present).

fnames = fieldnames(tsobj, srsnameonly) returns field names depending upon the setting of srsnameonly. If srsnameonly is 0, the function returns all field names, including the common fields: desc, freq, dates, and times. If srsnameonly is set to 1, fieldnames returns only the data series in fnames.

Introduced before R2006a

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