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highlow (fts)

Time series High-Low plot


highlow(tsobj,color,dateform,'ParameterName',ParameterValue, ...)
hll = highlow(tsobj,color,dateform,'ParameterName',ParameterValue, ...)



Financial time series object.


(Optional) A three-element row vector representing RGB or a color identifier. (See plot.)


(Optional) Date format used as the x-axis tick labels. (See datetick.) You can specify a dateform only when tsobj does not contain time-of-day data. If tsobj contains time-of-day data, dateform is restricted to 'dd-mmm-yyyy HH:MM'.


'ParameterName' can be:

  • HighName: high prices series name

  • LowName: low prices series name

  • OpenName: open prices series name

  • CloseName: closing prices series name


The parameter value is a character vector that represents the valid parameter name.


highlow(tsobj) generates a High-Low plot of the data in the financial time series object tsobj. tsobj must contain at least four data series representing the high, low, open, and closing prices. These series must have the names High, Low, Open, and Close (case-insensitive).

highlow(tsobj,color) additionally specifies the color of the plot.

highlow(tsobj,color,dateform) additionally specifies the date format used as the x-axis tick labels. See datestr for a list of date formats.

highlow(tsobj,color,dateform,'ParameterName',ParameterValue, ...) indicates the actual names of the required data series if the data series do not have the default names.

You can specify open prices as optional by providing the parameter name 'OpenName' and the parameter value ''.

highlow(tsobj, color, dateform, 'OpenName', '')

hhll = highlow(tsobj,color,dateform,'ParameterName',ParameterValue, ...) returns the handle to the line object that makes up the High-Low plot.


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This example shows how to generate a High-Low plot for Disney stock for the dates May 28 to June 18, 1998.

load disney.mat
title('High-Low Plot for Disney')

Introduced before R2006a

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