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Momentum between times


mom = tsmom(data,nTimes)
momts = tsmom(tsobj,nTimes)



Data series. Column-oriented vector or matrix.


(Optional) Number of times. Default = 12.


Financial time series object.


Momentum is the difference between two prices (data points) separated by a number of times.

mom = tsmom(data,nTimes) calculates the momentum of a data series data. If nTimes is specified, tsmom uses that value instead of the default 12.

momts = tsmom(tsobj,nTimes) calculates the momentum of all data series in the financial time series object tsobj. Each data series in tsobj is treated individually. momts is a financial time series object with similar dates and data series names as tsobj. If nTimes is specified, tsmom uses that value instead of the default 12.

Note, to compute a quantity over n periods, you must specify n+1 for nTimes. If you specify nTimes = 0, the function returns your original time series.


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This example shows how to calculate the momentum of a data series for Disney stock and plot the results.

load disney.mat
dis = rmfield(dis,'VOLUME'); % remove VOLUME field
dis_Mom = tsmom(dis);  
title('Momentum for Disney')


[1] Kaufman, P. J. The New Commodity Trading Systems and Methods. John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1987.

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