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Display date entries


datedisp(NumMat, DateForm)
CharMat = datedisp(NumMat, DateForm)



Numeric matrix to display.


(Optional) Date format. See datestr for available and default format flags.


datedisp(NumMat, DateForm) displays the matrix with the serial dates formatted as date character vectors, using a matrix with mixed numeric entries and serial date number entries. Integers between datenum('01-Jan-1900') and datenum('01-Jan-2200') are assumed to be serial date numbers, while all other values are treated as numeric entries.

CharMat is a character array representing NumMat. If no output variable is assigned, the function prints the array to the display (CharMat = datedisp(NumMat, DateForm)).


NumMat = [ 730730, 0.03, 1200, 730100;
           730731, 0.05, 1000, NaN]
NumMat =

   1.0e+05 *

    7.3073    0.0000    0.0120    7.3010
    7.3073    0.0000    0.0100       NaN
   01-Sep-2000   0.03   1200   11-Dec-1998   
    02-Sep-2000   0.05   1000      NaN        

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This function is identical to the datedisp function in Financial Toolbox™ software.

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Introduced before R2006a

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