TypeList = insttypes(InstSet)



Variable containing a collection of instruments. Instruments are classified by type; each type can have different data fields. The stored data field is a row vector or string for each instrument.


TypeList = insttypes(InstSet) retrieves a list of types stored in an instrument variable.

TypeList is a number of types (NTYPES)-by-1 cell array of strings listing the Type of instruments contained in the variable.


Retrieve the instrument set variable ExampleInst from the data file InstSetExamples.mat. ExampleInst contains three types of instruments: Option, Futures, and TBill.

load InstSetExamples; 
Index Type   Strike Price Opt  Contracts
1     Option  95    12.2  Call     0     
2     Option 100     9.2  Call     0     
3     Option 105     6.8  Call  1000     

Index Type    Delivery       F     Contracts
4     Futures 01-Jul-1999    104.4 -1000    
Index Type   Strike Price Opt  Contracts
5     Option 105      7.4 Put  -1000     
6     Option  95      2.9 Put      0     

Index Type Price Maturity       Contracts
7     TBill 99    01-Jul-1999   6      

List all of the types included in ExampleInst.

TypeList = insttypes(ExampleInst)
TypeList = 

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Introduced before R2006a

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