Algorithm Design Basics

Algorithm design considerations for generating compiled code


Code Acceleration and Code Generation from MATLAB

General information about MATLAB® code acceleration

Workflow for Fixed-Point Code Acceleration and Generation

Describes the steps required for preparing MATLAB code and converting it to a MEX function

When to Generate Code from MATLAB Algorithms

Decide whether to generate code for your application.

Requirements for Generating Compiled C Code Files

You use the fiaccel function to generate MEX code from a MATLAB algorithm.

Prerequisites for C/C++ Code Generation from MATLAB

Code generation from MATLAB code requires the MATLAB Coder™ product and a C/C++ compiler.

MATLAB Code Design Considerations for Code Generation

When writing MATLAB for code generation, consider design constraints.

Differences in Behavior After Compiling MATLAB Code

Generated C/C++ code can behave differently than original MATLAB source code.

MATLAB Language Features Supported for C/C++ Code Generation

Use the MATLAB language features and functions that code generation supports.

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