Approximate Functions with Lookup Tables

Create and optimize function lookup tables

Examples and How To

Use Lookup Table Approximation Functions

Briefly summarizes conclusions from the tutorial on how to use fixpt_look1_func_plot and fixpt_look1_func_approx to create lookup tables

Create Lookup Tables for a Sine Function

Provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to make lookup tables using the fixpt_look1_func_approx function


Producing Lookup Table Data

Provides an overview of the topics covered by the tutorial

Effects of Spacing on Speed, Error, and Memory Usage

Compares lookup tables with differing spacing—uneven, even, and power of two

Worst-Case Error for a Lookup Table

The error at any point of a function lookup table is the absolute value of the difference between the ideal function at the point and the corresponding Y value found by linearly interpolating between the adjacent breakpoints.

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