Array and Matrix Operators

Arrays and matrices general functions


bufferBuffer signal vector into matrix of data frames
colonCreate vectors, array subscripting
ctransposeComplex conjugate transpose of fi object
minusMatrix difference between fi objects
mpowerFixed-point matrix power (^)
mtimesMatrix product of fi objects
plusMatrix sum of fi objects
qrOrthogonal-triangular decomposition
rdivideRight-array division (./)
shiftdataShift data to operate on specified dimension
sumSum of array elements
surfnormCompute and display 3-D surface normals
timesElement-by-element multiplication of fi objects
transposeTranspose operation
trilLower triangular part of matrix
triuUpper triangular part of matrix
uminusNegate elements of fi object array
unshiftdataInverse of shiftdata
uplusUnary plus
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