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Build Configuration

Compiled C code function build settings


coder.mexconfig Code acceleration configuration object
fiaccel Accelerate fixed-point code and convert floating-point MATLAB code to fixed-point MATLAB code


coder.MexConfig Code acceleration configuration object for use with fiaccel

Examples and How To

Set Up C Compiler

Explains how to install and set up a C compiler for use with fiaccel

Set Up C Code Compilation Options

Explains how to set C code compilation options

Detect and Debug Code Generation Errors

Presents code verification methods and the trade-offs between two strategies: bottom-up and top-down

Use Fixed-Point Code Generation Reports

When you compile your code with the fiaccel function or the MATLAB® Coder™ codegen function, you can use the -report option to generate a code generation report.


File Infrastructure and Paths Setup

Explains how to set up source file folders and paths

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