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Data Analysis

Data manipulation and information operations


denormalmax Largest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
denormalmin Smallest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
fractionlength Fraction length of quantizer object
lowerbound Lower bound of range of fi object
lsb Scaling of least significant bit of fi object, or value of least significant bit of quantizer object
range Numerical range of fi or quantizer object
upperbound Upper bound of range of fi object
wordlength Word length of quantizer object
sort Sort elements of real-valued fi object in ascending or descending order
exponentbias Exponent bias for quantizer object
exponentlength Exponent length of quantizer object
exponentmax Maximum exponent for quantizer object
exponentmin Minimum exponent for quantizer object
isboolean Determine whether input is Boolean
isdouble Determine whether input is double-precision data type
isfi Determine whether variable is fi object
isfimath Determine whether variable is fimath object
isfimathlocal Determine whether fi object has local fimath
isfipref Determine whether input is fipref object
isfixed Determine whether input is fixed-point data type
isnumerictype Determine whether input is numerictype object
ispropequal Determine whether properties of two fi objects are equal
isquantizer Determine whether input is quantizer object
isscaleddouble Determine whether input is scaled double data type
isscaledtype Determine whether input is fixed-point or scaled double data type
isscalingbinarypoint Determine whether input has binary point scaling
isscalingslopebias Determine whether input has nontrivial slope and bias scaling
isscalingunspecified Determine whether input has unspecified scaling
issigned Determine whether fi object is signed
issingle Determine whether input is single-precision data type
isslopebiasscaled Determine whether numerictype object has nontrivial slope and bias
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