Examples and How To

Model for High Performance Code

Lookup Table Optimization

Optimize lookup tables in your model to improve efficiency

Selecting Data Types for Basic Operations

How to select efficient data types for basic fixed-point operations

Fixed-Point Code Generation Support

Simulink® features supported for fixed-point code generation.

Use the Model Advisor

Optimize Generated Code with the Model Advisor

Use the Model Advisor to identify model settings that might lead to nonoptimal results in code generation.

Net Slope Computation

Control how the software handles net slope computations in generated code

Customize Generated Code

Control the Generation of Fixed-Point Utility Functions

Control the generation of fixed-point utility functions using specified minimum and maximum values.

Maintain Standard Compliance

Use of Shifts by C Code Generation Products

Understand the use of shifts by MathWorks® coder products including how to control the shifts using optimization settings in the configuration parameters as well as modeling techniques

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