Fixed-Point Designer Product Description

Design and simulate fixed-point systems

Fixed-Point Designer™ provides data types and tools for developing fixed-point algorithms in MATLAB® code, Simulink® models, and Stateflow® charts. It automatically proposes fixed-point data types and attributes such as word length and rounding mode. You can also specify these attributes manually. You can perform accelerated bit-true simulations to observe the impact of limited range and precision.

Fixed-Point Designer lets you convert floating-point algorithms to fixed point. You can create and optimize fixed-point data types that meet your numerical accuracy requirements and target-hardware constraints. You can simulate your design and analyze the results to obtain range information. Fixed-Point Designer uses this information to recommend word lengths and scalings for your fixed-point algorithm and enable you to compare fixed-point results with floating-point baselines.

Fixed-Point Designer supports C, HDL, and PLC code generation.

Key Features

  • Fixed-point data types in MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow

  • Bit-true, accelerated simulation of fixed-point algorithms

  • Recommendations for word length and scaling data type

  • Floating- and fixed-point results comparison

  • Fixed-point data type override to double or single precision

  • Support for C, HDL, and PLC code generation

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