Object-Oriented Programming

Objects and properties


fi Construct fixed-point numeric object
fipref Set fixed-point preferences
savefipref Save fi preferences for next MATLAB session
fimath Set fixed-point math settings
numerictype Construct numerictype object
quantizer Construct quantizer object
assignmentquantizer Assignment quantizer object of fi object
mat2str Convert matrix to string
get Property values of object
subsasgn Subscripted assignment
subsref Subscripted reference
removefimath Remove fimath object from fi object
reset Reset objects to initial conditions
set Set or display property values for quantizer objects
setfimath Attach fimath object to fi object
sfi Construct signed fixed-point numeric object
tostring Convert numerictype or quantizer object to string
ufi Construct unsigned fixed-point numeric object
unitquantizer Constructor for unitquantizer object
fixed.aggregateType Compute aggregate numerictype
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