Prepare Model for Conversion

Automatically check model against fixed-point guidelines, manage unsupported blocks


DataTypeWorkflow.Converter Create fixed-point converter object

Examples and How To

Set Up the Model

First step in autoscaling using range analysis workflow.

Select System Under Design

Second step in autoscaling using range analysis workflow.

Preparation for Fixed-Point Conversion

Using the Fixed-Point Advisor, you can prepare a model for conversion from a floating-point model or subsystem to an equivalent fixed-point representation.


Fixed-Point Advisor

The Fixed-Point Advisor is a tool you can use to prepare your model for conversion from floating-point data types to fixed-point data types. The Fixed-Point Advisor also makes recommendations for a model, such as model-level diagnostic settings. It configures the model for autoscaling by the Fixed-Point Tool.

Preparing Model for Conversion

Validate model settings

Preparing for Data Typing and Scaling

Set block configuration options and define block design minimum and maximum values

The Command-Line Interface for the Fixed-Point Tool

Highlight the differences between the command-line interface workflow and the Fixed-Point Tool workflow


Find Blocks That Support Fixed-Point Data Types

The Simulink Block Data Type Support table summarizes characteristics of blocks in the Simulink® block library, including whether or not they support fixed-point data types.

What to Do When a Block Is Not Supported For Fixed-Point Conversion

This section explains how to deal with blocks that are not supported by the tool.

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