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Remove corrupt fixed-point instrumentation from model

    Note:   fixpt_instrument_purge will be removed in a future release.


fixpt_instrument_purge(modelName, interactive)


The fixpt_instrument_purge script finds and removes fixed-point instrumentation from a model left by the Fixed-Point Tool and the fixed-point autoscaling script. The Fixed-Point Tool and the fixed-point autoscaling script each add callbacks to a model. For example, the Fixed-Point Tool appends commands to model-level callbacks. These callbacks make the Fixed-Point Tool respond to simulation events. Similarly, the autoscaling script adds instrumentation to some parameter values that gathers information required by the script.

Normally, these types of instrumentation are automatically removed from a model. The Fixed-Point Tool removes its instrumentation when the model is closed. The autoscaling script removes its instrumentation shortly after it is added. However, there are cases where abnormal termination of a model leaves fixed-point instrumentation behind. The purpose of fixpt_instrument_purge is to find and remove fixed-point instrumentation left over from abnormal termination.

fixpt_instrument_purge(modelName, interactive) removes instrumentation from model modelName. interactive is true by default, which prompts you to make each change. When interactive is set to false, all found instrumentation is automatically removed from the model.

Introduced before R2006a

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