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Smallest element in array of fi objects


[y,v] = min(a)
[y,v] = min(a,[],dim)


  • For vectors, min(a) is the smallest element in a.

  • For matrices, min(a) is a row vector containing the minimum element from each column.

  • For N-D arrays, min(a) operates along the first nonsingleton dimension.

min(a,b) returns an array the same size as a and b with the smallest elements taken from a or b. Either one can be a scalar.

[y,v] = min(a) returns the indices of the minimum values in vector v. If the values along the first nonsingleton dimension contain more than one minimal element, the index of the first one is returned.

[y,v] = min(a,[],dim) operates along the dimension dim.

When complex, the magnitude min(abs(a)) is used, and the angle angle(a) is ignored. NaNs are ignored when computing the minimum.

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