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Numerical range of fi or quantizer object


[min_val, max_val]= range(a)
r = range(q)
[min_val, max_val] = range(q)


range(a) returns a fi object with the minimum and maximum possible values of fi object a. All possible quantized real-world values of a are in the range returned. If a is a complex number, then all possible values of real(a) and imag(a) are in the range returned.

[min_val, max_val]= range(a) returns the minimum and maximum values of fi object a in separate output variables.

r = range(q) returns the two-element row vector r = [a b] such that for all real x, y = quantize(q,x) returns y in the range ayb.

[min_val, max_val] = range(q) returns the minimum and maximum values of the range in separate output variables.


q = quantizer('float',[6 3]);
r = range(q)

r =

   -14    14
q = quantizer('fixed',[4 2],'floor');
[min_val,max_val] = range(q)

min_val =


max_val =


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If q is a floating-point quantizer object, a = -realmax(q), b = realmax(q).

If q is a signed fixed-point quantizer object (datamode = 'fixed'),

If q is an unsigned fixed-point quantizer object (datamode = 'ufixed'),

See realmax for more information.

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