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Smallest positive normalized fixed-point value or quantized number




x=realmin(a) is the smallest positive real-world value that can be represented in the data type of fi object a. Anything smaller than x underflows or is an IEEE® “denormal” number.

x=realmin(q) is the smallest positive normal quantized number where q is a quantizer object. Anything smaller than x underflows or is an IEEE “denormal” number.


q = quantizer('float',[6 3]);
x = realmin(q)

x =



If q is a floating-point quantizer object, x=2Emin where Emin=exponentmin(q) is the minimum exponent.

If q is a signed or unsigned fixed-point quantizer object, x=2f=ε where f is the fraction length.

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Introduced before R2006a

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